JR-HEALTH GROUP provides both training and treatment and general health services which provides for clinic and academy at our centres

At the ACADEMY our students learn theoretically and practically the basics of health fundamentals required in rendering healthcare services.
They learn how to use clinical measurements which indicates state of a patient’s essential body function.Our students are undergo health industrial training with primary and secondary health sectors.

We take our students through basic and broad health fundamentals and practically handling with proper care at health care system where each student are posted for clinicals.

We raise cultured health Consultants per excellence in order to launch them to the world to make Impacts

 At the end of the session, our certified health Consultants proceed for license to practice in any state of choice within the country to practice as experienced, certified and licensed practioner.

At the CLINIC We offer holistic  Eye treatment, mother and child care, general health practice and Natural treatment of diseases. This gives us the opportunity to offer you four department in our clinic namely NATUROPATHY, MIDWIFERY, EYE HEALTH & GENERAL HEALTH.